Our books

Interested? The Brainnovation method and the Six Step cycle are explained in a Dutch and English book.
The Dutch version is a printed book. The English version is available as an interactive eBook linked to instructive videos.

Brainnovation in Business (English)

Brainnovation (Dutch)


Our services include two online training modules for individuals and groups.
Optional are in-company trainings that include the monitoring of individual brain activity via neural headsets.

Basic Training

Discover the creative potential.
The Basic training increases the creative plasticity.


Unfold the creative potential.
The Advanced training targets complex problem-solving.


The workshop is an introduction to Brainnovation with the help of neural headsets. Neural headsets visualize in real time the relaxation or focus of the brain. The Mindwave is helpful to train individually. Your brain activity is displayed on a smartphone. The Mindflex is tailored for group training. It does so by physically moving a ball or drone up and down with your mind.

Free Assessment

Curious to learn how creative you are? Do the free assessment.