a neural-based method to boost creative thinking and innovation

Brainnovation is unique because it also explores the resources of the subconscious mind.
It is in the subconscious mind where the brain creates unexpected and novel insights.
Thus, we revitalize people and organizations.
That is what we do.

We love to see our clients grow.

Six Step

The Six Step cycle is the core of Brainnovation.
It emulates the way the human brain solves complex problems.
The cycle starts with analyzing and ends with sleeping on the issue at hand.
Each time the cycle is repeated, the brain creates new neural networks.
They interact until the Eureka! moment is experienced.


Brainnovation is a creativity training whose effectiveness has been scientifically tested.
Research at Radboud University shows that the Brainnovation method significantly improves students’ creative thinking skills.
The study was conducted among more than two hundred students of the Fontys International Business School in Venlo who followed the Brainnovation – Applied Creativity course, including a control group. The students’ ability to think creatively was tested at the beginning, halfway and at the end of the course. The students attending the creativity class, showed a significant improvement in the ability to generate new ideas. Read More about the study


"Tried the Mindflex. Absolute fun."
Micheal Lim
Presented at introduction in Singapore where Brainnovation is part of the innovation module of ETQ
"I have fun now in facing challenges, because I know how to handle them in a structured way!"
Margaret Lehmann
Strategy & Consulting Manager of Accenture New Zealand & graduate of Fontys International Business School
"I will always continue to use the Brainnovation method, both during my studies and in my personal life!"
Suhail Ahmed
Head of Marketing & Sales at World of VR & graduate of Fontys International Business School
"Brainnovation actually gets to the source of becoming innovative and creative at the same time."
Marcel Steinstrasser
SEO Expert @Metro & Graduate of Fontys International Business School
"This method taught me how to use the most powerful instrument we have: the brain.
I can now see problems better and solve them more effectively."
Michal Babicz
UX Researcher at Adform & graduate of Fontys International Business School